Your Customer Sat Scores May Not Tell You the Whole Truth

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New research suggests high customer satisfaction scores may be worthless if you’re not measuring customers’ emotions.  Researchers from one of Europe’s leading institutes, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB), recently conducted a study that determined emotions not only substantially impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and willingness to recommend, but can also drive value for companies – an insight all brand decision makers need to seriously consider.

Consumers and the way we understand their behavior are more advanced today than ever before.  In a modern world where just about anything is a click, call, or short drive away, it takes a lot more than having products in-stock & at the right prices to satisfy customers.  Whether we vocalize it or not, a wide range of emotions come into play when we consider a shopping experience.

So how exactly do emotions shape our satisfaction as consumers?  Find out more here.

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