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Some Bot or Somebody? Who’s Taking Your Online Survey

October 3, 2018
Online Bot

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it can be quite fairly stated that it and people’s nearly ubiquitous access to the internet have completely – and rapidly – transformed survey research. Marketing researchers and social scientists can field surveys across […]

Ten Best Practices for Your Employee Survey

September 27, 2018
Employee Engagement Programs

Employee engagement is big business. Companies spend over $700 million annually in employee engagement programs and a lot that is spent on measuring and tracking employee attitudes and behaviors. So, it is surprising, and disappointing, that some employee surveys either […]

Delivering a Great CX: What Does It Take?

September 25, 2018
Delivering Great Cx

Solvvy, the AI and machine learning customer service platform, recently commissioned a survey and produced an infographic titled “The Building Blocks of Customer Experience.” In this infographic, Solvvy shows how four areas drive the customer experience: Brand Perception, Brand Interaction, […]

Build that Wall! The Survey Wall

September 19, 2018
Survey Wall

Have any of these situations ever happened to you? You’re reading an article and are just getting interested when – BAM! – you’re asked to pay to finish the article. You’re playing a free online game, and you’re so close […]

Win Big with Employee Recognition!

September 12, 2018
Employee Recognition

Everyone, at some level and perhaps despite what they will tell you, wants to be recognized for a job well done. It’s a universal human desire. Moreover, employee recognition delivers a strong ROI: increased productivity, increased engagement, reduced attrition, and […]

The State of Marketing Research

September 7, 2018
Mobile Market Research

Ray Poynter is the author of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research, The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, the IPASOCIALWORKS’ The Guide to Measuring not Counting, Editor of ESOMAR’s Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions and content provider […]

No-Cost Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

August 27, 2018
Increase Employee Engagement

During the last great recession, we worked with a hospitality company who had a severe morale problem. The Chief People Officer recommended to the CEO that we conduct an employee engagement survey to determine the causes and potential solutions. The […]

7 HR Challenges and How Employee Research Can Help

August 22, 2018
Hr Challenges

Low unemployment, rapidly changing technology, changing demands from different segments of the workforce, the demand for transparency, allegations of sexual harassment, outsourcing, offshoring, and contract workers. Today’s employment environment is fraught with change, tension, and challenges. Employee compensation and software […]

The Case for Marketing Research

August 16, 2018
Case For Marketing Research

At the June 2018 Insight Innovation Exchange in Atlanta, Michael Cumberbatch from Google noted that his research showed that only about 40% of marketers use marketing research in their decision-making. While this statistic seems strange, further investigation confirms that it […]